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Privacy policy

The administration of www.simtravel.kg (hereinafter referred as the Website) is pledged to respect the rights of the Website's users and guarantees complete confidentiality of users' personal information. Below we bring to your attention the detailed explanation of how the Website collects your information while you are browsing through it and what information can be collected.

The Website Privacy Policy is applied only to the Website and to the information collected through the Website. It does not apply to any other websites, including those directly referring to the Website.

Information collected

While surfing on the Website, the following information can be exposed and therefore collected by the Website:

  • Internet provider's domain
  • Country
  • Referral Traffic (Surfing activity that shows how the user got on the Website)

These and other information collected through the Website can be used for optimization purposes, such as:

  • Adjusting the Website to be as convenient for the user as possible.
  • Possibility to receive local email distribution related to special offers.

Within the Website solely personal information is collected, the one provided by the user while using the Website. Such information includes anything that can determine the person – name, email address, and other.

The Website uses “cookies” to remember the stateful activity. It is a small amount of data sent by the website and stored by the browser using the computer's hard disk memory. “Cookies” stores the information that can be useful for the Website in order to save the user's settings and collect some information for statistics, such as what pages where visited by the user, what was downloaded, what was the Internet provider's domain and the user's country, as well as the information on other websites that referred the user to the Website. All this information is not related to the user. “Cookies” does not collect the email address or any other personal user's information.

The Website also uses the standard web server's log books in order to calculate the number of visitors and estimate the technical possibilities of the Website. Such information is used to see how many users visit the website and to help making the website convenient for the user, making the web pages useful and optimizing the website in terms of the browsers used. Such information is collected statistically, therefore certain activities of a user will not be visible. User's personal information will not be used without his/hers permission. There is also a possibility to visit the Website without “Cookies”. This can be adjusted in browser's settings or turned off right on the website.

Shared use of information

In no case will the administration of www.simtravel.kg sell or provide your personal information to any third parties. Neither will we disclose any of the information provided by the user, unless this is the case involved the Kyrgyzstan legislation.


The administration of www.simtravel.kg is not responsible for other websites that have their links on the Website or have the Website links. The policy on personal information collected on other websites may differ from the policy of the Website, even though these are the partners Website. The information presented on this page describes the way the personal information is collected solely within www.simtravel.kg.

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